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Brentwood Pavilion Update

As we return to Brentwood Reserve for the 2019 season you will notice that the old pavilion is still there, and building works for a new pavilion have not yet started.

Late last year the project hit a snag when City of Monash realised that Brentwood Reserve is a retarding basin, and the new building would need to have a higher floor level than the current building. This means that the pavilion needs a redesign and more funding needs to be found.

Over the summer Rovers, along with Glen Waverley Cricket Club (who are the summer tenant), have been working hard with the City of Monash officials and the Mayor to find a resolution. This process is ongoing.

Whilst this is frustrating that works haven’t started yet, we will continue to work with City of Monash to get the best possible outcome for Rovers. We continue to have the support of the Mayor and our state MP, and all parties still agree that the current building should be demolished and a new pavilion is required. It’s just a case of what & when, however we do not expect any works to start during our 2019 season.’

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