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  • Appoint a Committee of Management each year.

  • To field at least one team in each age group - Under 8 to Under 18

  • To improve standards by:

    • Appointing a Football Manager

    • Ensuring all Coaches are qualified to Level 1

    • Ensuring each team has a Coach, Team Manager, Runner & Trainer

    • Ensuring the runner is an appropriate person to fulfill the important communication role between coach & player

    • Establishing a computer-based player, parent/guardian, coach and officials database

    • Ensuring all teams have a minimum

      • One ball between two at training and all balls of correct size, texture and colour

      • Ten witches hats

      • Large magnetic coaches board

      • First aid kit

      • Warm up jackets / gowns for interchange players

      • Drink bottles

  • To improve player knowledge and to develop skill levels by enabling all teams to train at least once per week

  • To ensure the financial viability of the Club by:

    • Establishing a Sponsorship Sub-Committee

    • Setting membership subscriptions on a yearly basis

    • Ensuring the Canteen runs at a reasonable profit

    • Maintaining and preferably growing membership levels

    • Ensuring timely payment of subscriptions

    • Organising sponsorships, fund raising and social activities

  • To foster the game, parental involvement and community involvement by:

    • Establishing an active Social and other Sub-Committees

    • Fostering relationships with our Auskick centre, Little Athletics, Schools and Basketball Clubs

    • Encouraging parental/guardian, family involvement and participation

    • Promoting the club and its core values to the local community

    • Circulating weekly team newsletters

    • Using the Club's website as a means of communication and to convey a positive image of the club to the wider community

    • Conducting weekly coaches, players and supporter functions

  • To foster youth development and general community awareness by:

    • Educating players on dealing with both winning and losing

    • Maintaining player discipline and club rules

    • Involvement in broader community social issues and values

    • Promoting the use and awareness of the Code of Conduct for all players, officials, parents/guardians and supporters.

  • To maintain a safe workplace environment by:

    • Establishing a Maintenance Sub-Committee and a Grounds Sub-Committee

    • Ensuring adequate ground lighting

    • Ensuring all players are covered by a Sport Injury Scheme and encourage Private Health Insurance cover, and communicating the importance of protection against the high costs of serious injury to parents/guardians and players

    • Marking boundary lines a minimum of four (4) metres from any fence, drain or any other obstacle or source of danger

    • Appointing qualified training staff

    • Having a qualified person in First Aid in attendance at all games

    • Introducing emergency procedures for injured players.

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