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The Glen Waverley Rovers Junior Football Club (GWRJFC) recognises the right of all people to participate in local sport in an environment that is harmonious and free from discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimising, or general unruly behaviour towards another person, and not just limited to players and officials but all involved in junior football.


GWRJFC Vilification Statement: Zero tolerance for any Vilification.

  • Treating all people with dignity and respect. Our values are - Respect, Unity & Belief and practicing our beliefs is our mantra.

  • Providing our players, members, and visitors with an environment free from any form of unacceptable conduct.

  • Taking appropriate action against any person who breaches this policy through the education and mediation process.

Explanation: Vilification of any type can have profound effects on victims, witnesses and conversely the offender.

Its important to identify this behaviour and have an appropriate method to address it.

Keeping and growing kids in our sport is the goal and ensuring they have a fun, safe and enjoyable Club environment to be a part of is the GW Rovers number 1 objective.     

The purpose of this policy:

Encourage an environment and culture based on the GWRJFC values, and to prevent unacceptable conduct.

This policy also sets out the processes to help and educate either the victim or offender  of vilification and the deep, meaningful, and last longing affects it can have on all parties either involved or witnessed.

This policies goals if so required are to help educate the impacts and damaged caused by such behaviour and isn’t limited to the Rovers, but all EFNL Clubs.

The purpose of this Policy is also Not To Punish, it’s to identify, sympathise and educate awareness of the negative impacts Vilification has and to prevent it from happening again. 


It is every members responsibility to read and understand this Policy and becoming a GW Rover member, is acknowledgement of your understanding you accept this Policy and expectations representing the GWRJFC.

Incident Process: 

  • Any Vilification is to be reported to the GWRJFC Vilification officer at the earliest opportunity, by a victim, perpetrator, or witness to either.

  • Any Vilification will be treated with the utmost importance, sympathy, haste and most of all confidentiality.

  • An investigation is immediately commenced by the Vilification officer upon notification of an incident.

  • Identify the incident and those involved.

  • Make contact with both parties to encourage a face-to-face meeting with the intention to raise and educate the impacts of such actions with the addition that the perpetrator understands the hurtful impacts of his/her actions.

  • With this outcome is hoped of the understanding of the above, a sincere apology, acceptance of the apology and the education experienced to prevent similar behaviour in the future.

  • The incident will be investigated and acted upon to the 100% satisfaction of each party and if this is not achieved, then the incident will be elevated to the EFNL’s Vilification officer for further mediation or action.

  • A victims wishes and preferences will always be priority and considered, and for that reason the aforementioned process will be guided by their satisfaction first and foremost. Ie: the victim may not want a face-to-face meeting but perhaps a written apology or phone call will suffice.

  • The Incident, findings, and actions to be kept confidentially for the Clubs Vilification officer and President only, and for the purpose only of repeat or patten behaviour.

  • If the incident is satisfactorily resolved between the parties, then both clubs Presidents or Vilification officers are to informally make contact with the EFNL Vilification officer to inform of an incident and that it has been resolved.


What is Vilification?

  • Any type of purposely directed negative, aggressive, hurtful behaviour in any form Ie: verbally, physically, or suggestively and covers such things like:

  • Sex

  • Race

  • Religion

  • Weight.

  • Size.

  • Age.

  • Marital status

  • Pregnancy

  • Sexuality or sexual preference

  • Carer’s responsibility

  • Disability

  • Ability


This list is not conclusive and there may be various other behaviours considered unacceptable by GWRJFC and subject to action.

Harassment, bullying, and discrimination are against the law and may also be an offence under the Crimes Act.


  • Post the successful resolution of an incident, it is the duty of the Vilification Officer to follow up with any additional support for the victim.

  • Repeat offending can and may result in a GW Rovers membership being cancelled, and the President along with the club’s executive and the vilifications officers advise or recommendations, reserve the GWRJFC right to do so.  

  • As aforementioned under “Incident Process” if the incident is elevated to the EFNL for resolution, recommendations from that inquiry will be adopted. 



  • There is an attached video supplied by AFL Vic to help explain many facets of vilification.


GWRJFC Vilification officer for season 2022:

  • Brett Andrews 0408 137 070

Authorised by:  Paul Young

Position:  President 

Date:  25 March 2022

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